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Since its origin SAITA’s mission has been the research and innovation in the industrial waste water treatment field, providing its clients with: proficiency, professionalism, customer care and an extensive variety of plants and services.

SAITA provides solutions for the recycle and zero discharge of waste water; designing and producing plants and innovative applications for our customers to supplement their production lines with waste water treatment plants and integrated process solutions. Process solutions and treatment systems are designed with the aim of: costs reduction, improvement of the production processes and reduction of the environmental impact. Our plants have been installed in more than 25 countries over the most diverse industrial fields. From 2007 Saita do Brasil, produces and provides after sales services in South America.

Our products Service

Our journey began in 1980, by the intuition of the two founder partners, who decided to combine their technical and marketing skills to create a small unit, capable of providing support to the water treatment facilities in the provinces of Padua and Vicenza (North east Italy). The new headquarters were opened in 2006; with over a 1000 sqm of covered surface plus another 500 sqm used for steel structural work.
SAITA's peculiarity has always been the ability to understand and anticipate market needs designing plants able to satisfy new production processes allowing the customers to save on management costs and reduce the environmental impact.

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Process Analysis

The process analysis is the core of SAITA's business activity. Through the study of our customers' requirements, we gather as much info as possible concerning the production process in order to develop the more suitable type of treatment.
We complete the technical data by collecting samples, which are analytically characterised by our chemical lab.

After the creation of this first database, we proceed by running several lab tests and applying multiple technologies, while keeping the results constantly monitored. We can integrate these tests by using pilot plants for small-scale tests. The obtained results, together with the previously collected data, constitutes the base from which we can design new treatment solutions, apply a standard plant or provide technical support to manage and optimize existing treatment plants.

  • Lab analysis and treatment tests
  • Semi-industrial tests with pilot plants
  • Technical reporting on the lab test results


The technical division can count on a team of young and dynamic engineers. The design and development of the projects starts with the data collected during the first analysis phase, to be transferred afterwards to the engineering plant project.

During the design phase, we employ sizing/dimensional calculation software, CAD for layout or flow-sheets and 3D modeling software. This department includes the electrical project and automation software's design.

  • Process design and engineering
  • Final project and production
    (Flow-sheets, electrical schemes layout and 3D designs)
  • Automation software’s design


Each SAITA's plant is entirely assembled in our workshops in Padua. The production is split between the two business premises, both of which in Limena, one in Via Volta, where the mechanical workshop is located.

The mechanical workshop produces metal structures, skid and other components. In the main quarter in Via Pierobon we produce the electrical panels and the plants are assembled. At the end of the production process all the plants are tested before the shipment.
During the production process each phase is constantly monitored through quality standards.

  • Production of metal structures
  • Refrigerating circuits
  • Plastic processing such as: PVC, PVDF, PP, PEHD
  • Electrical board panels
  • Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic components ‘assembly
  • Final test


Technical support and assistance are crucial to ensure an optimal management of the water treatment plants. This is translated in a long-term and constant relationship with our customers. It is from the continuous dialogue with our customers that we can come up with new ideas and solutions to constantly improve the productive processes and treatment systems. SAITA's professional technicians can answer rapidly throughout Italy and Worldwide, regarding chemical processes, hydraulic, electromechanical, thermotechnics and automation's issues. We can also provide maintenance contract support and remote assistance. Through the activity of our chemical lab, we are able to answer swiftly to plant management issues, by providing reports and effective solutions.

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Analysis and colsulting services
  • Remote assistance (via Internet)
  • Consumables
  • Spare parts