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Filtration systems

Water filtration systems to be used as drinking or industrial water for the removal of pollutants such as: iron, ammonia, arsenic, PFAS, suspended solids, heavy metals, oils, hydrocarbons and organic substances.

Filtration systems are used to remove suspended solid substances, organic molecules, oils, hydrocarbons, metal ions (e.g. Iron) or dissolved gases contained in the water.

Apart from being used to purify well water, filtration systems are applied downstream from chemical-physical or biological treatment plants or for the cleanup of groundwater contaminated by pollutants such as: hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents or PFAS, in order to be within the parameters set by the current regulations on industrial discharges.

To remove suspended solid substances and eliminate turbidity, the following are used: microfiltration cartridges, self-cleaning filters or pressure filters containing selected grain size quartz sand.

To filter organic substances, oils, hydrocarbons, chlorine or dyes, pressure filters are used that contain granular activated carbon with a high adsorption capacity.

On the other hand, to perform deferrization of well water, pressure filters containing BIRM or Pyrolusite are used, while for Arsenic, iron oxides or ion exchange resins are used.

For dissolved gases like ammonia, mineral Zeolites are used as filtering media.

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QC series // Filtration systems

Systems consisting of pressure filters using the following filtration materials: selected grain size quartz sand and activated granular carbon. Used for the recycling of process water, treatment of well and mains drinking water and final filtration of pre-treated water before its discharge.

QCS series // Filtration systems

Filtration systems in series consisting of pressure filters containing selected grain size quartz sand, activated granular carbon and selective ion exchange resin for heavy metals. Used for the cleanup of polluted groundwater or downstream from traditional chemical-physical treatment processes.

ETAS series // Iron and manganese removal

Industrial use deferrizators to filter well water polluted with Iron. ETAS deferrizators consist of columns containing BIRM or granular Pyrolusite. These filtering materials allow oxidation of Iron dissolved from Fe II to Fe III so that it precipitates and is held inside the filtering material. The retained iron is then eliminated by the periodic counterflow washing of the filtering bed.


  • Removal of turbidity and suspended solid substances
  • Removal of oils, hydrocarbons, chlorine and dyes
  • Removal of Iron, Ammonia, Arsenic and heavy metals
  • Use of no chemicals for the treatment
  • Water discharge in compliance with the current limits
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