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Oil separators

Coalescence oil separating systems installed to separate oil from aqueous solutions or spent emulsions and applied to the treatment of waste water or cleaning of chemical process solutions.

Lamellar packing coalescence oil separators are applied for the treatment of emulsions, aqueous solutions or chemical baths (degreasing, phosphodegreasing, etc.) contaminated with oils and sedimentable solids (e.g. sludge, shavings, etc.), guaranteeing the effective removal of any dirt in the treated solution.

Oil is removed using a top spillway and stored in a drum while sediments can be recovered from the valve on the bottom of the oil separator.

The de-oiled liquid can then be resent to the process tank.

Coalescence filters consist of a lamellar packing with channels sloping at 60°. These channels separate the incoming fluid, reducing the turbulence of the flow. The flow is confined to the individual channels, so the oil drops come up along the height of the individual channel rather than the whole tank. This increases the separation speed of the two phases.

The drops accumulate along the ceiling of the channels, the size of the drops increases and, as shown by Stokes’ law, larger oil drops rise quicker.

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DIS01 series – coalescence oil separator // Oil separator

The coalescence oil separator mod. DIS01 consists of a stainless steel tank divided into three sections and having a volume of 700 litres. The partitions dividing the three sections separate the water from the oils on the surface. In fact, the central section is fitted with a coalescence lamellar packing for the separation of surface oil that is discharged via an overflow pipe on the exposed surface. This model can be equipped with accessories such as: collection tank of the de-oiled liquid, booster pump of the de-oiled liquid, fittings for internal flushing and top cover.


  • Separation of oils from degreasing solutions
  • Separation of oils from oily emulsions
  • Cleaning of degreasing baths
  • Removal of oils upstream from a chemical-physical or evaporation system
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