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Electroplating and Galvanizing

Treatment solutions for water and effluent from electroplating and galvanizing industry. Treatments of rinsing water and effluents obtained from surface treatments of: metals, special alloys, and plastic. SAITA provides plants and solutions such as: Zero discharge plant, recycling of rinsing waters, polluted baths’ filtration, chemical-physical treatment plants, demineralization and reverse osmosis plants and evaporators.


Chromating // Nickel-plating // Galvanizing // Electroless nickel // Aluminium anodizing // Phosphating // PVD // Wet vibrofinishing // Fashion accessories // Plastic metallization // Printed circuits PCB.
plating lines metal surface treatment



Vacuum evaporators

Chemical-physical plant

Oil separators

Sludge filtration

Zero liquid discharge


Membrane filtration

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