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WTP plant for aluminium profiles powder coating



Powder coating


New project for a powder coating vertical line of aluminium profiles.  Due to the strict limit discharge we have provided a water treatment plant chemical-physical mod. CF6000 complete with batch reactor BR4000 for the treatment of the effluents generated by the pre-treatment tunnel. The batch reactor is used for the treatment of acid concentrate waste water in order to diminish the pollutants treated by the whole system. The installation is also complete with an automatic ion exchange demineralizator in double-line for the recycling of the rinse water before and after the Chrome free  process.

Technical characteristics:
WTP capacity of 6000 lt/h
Batch reactor for the concentrate acid waste water
Recycling demineralizator in double line (duplex)
Semi-automtic filter-press for sludge dewatering
Remote control via ethernet

Vertical powder coating line aluminium profiles
Automatic functioning H24

Specifiche tecniche:

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