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Crystallizer for electroplating process solutions





Crystallizer for the precipitation of salts from a saturated solution of an electroplating process bath. The crystallizer mod. CR750 cool down the saturated solution below 10°C obtaining the complete crystallization of the salts. The system is able to process 750 lt/h and the liquid solution obtained from the salts filtration is re-heated up to 40°C and reused in the electroplating process.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity of 750 lt/h
Vessel with external cooling jacket
Chiller unit with refrigerant gas R407C
Remote control via ethernet

Continuous or batch process
Pneumatic discharge system with gate valve
Drainage of the salts on big-bag
Relaunch of  the solution drained
Pre-heating of the solution recycled
Automatic functioning H24

Specifiche tecniche:

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