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Vacuum evaporators for jewelery industry



Jewelery production


Water treatment solution with vacuum evaporators installed in France for a jewelery company. Waste water after a pre-treatment with a batch chemical-physical plant is proceeding to a two stage evaporation process. The first step is with evaporator EV300 with a capcity of 7000 lt/day in order to recover more than 90% of the distilled water, while the concentrate liquid obtained is then processed with vacuum evaporator with scraper mod. CVD15 to reduce the volume of the liquid and obtain a sludge. Distilled water is then filtered and discharged in the sewage in conformity with the local regulations. This is a typical application for jewlerey makers with the aim to reduce the liquid disposals and recover precious metals from the waste water produced.

Technical characteristics:
Daily output capacity of 7.300 lt/day
Vacuum degree – 940mbar
Heat pump technology
Electrical functioning

More than 90% of water recycled
Precious metal recovery as liquid sludge
Smaller footprint
Remote control via ethernet – Industry 4.0

Specifiche tecniche:

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