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Evaporator with scraper – vibrofinishing wastewater treatment



Vibrofinishing and metal surface treatment


After 2 years of process study and tests we have installed a new evaporator for the treatment and recycling of waste water produced by vibrofinishing and metal surface treatments processes.

Heat pump vacuum evaporator  with internal scraper mod. CVD100 with a capacity of 2000 lt/day and it is the model with the highest capacity of the CVD series. It has a self-cleaning system with an internal scraper that maintains efficient and clean the heating exchange surface.

The applications of the CVD series evaporators are for solutions that contain: suspended solids, high concentrations of pollutants and oils.
Thanks to the scraper it is possible to reach high concentration ratios.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity of 2000 Lt/day
Distilled water recovered >98%
Automatic functioning H24

Distilled water recovered >98%
Liquid waste disposal <2%
Self-cleaning system with internal scraper
Remote assistance via ethernet
Noise absorbing barriers

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