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Evaporator – tunnel washing lines


Bergamo - Italy

Metalworking – tunnel washing lines


New project in Italy for the treatment and recovery of waste water from tunnel washing lines of automotive braking systems.
Heat pump vacuum evaporator mod. EV150 with a capacity of 150 lt/h for the treatment of waste solutions from n°3 tunnel washing lines. Treatment and recycling of rinse water and exhaust alkaline degreasing solution. Waste water contaminated by oils and detergents. Recovery of > 95% of distilled water with a conductivity < 100 microsiemens. The evaporator EV150 is equipped with sound absorbing barriers to reduce the acustic impact in the production area.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity 3600 Lt/day
Electrical consumption 180 Wh
Distilled water recovered 95%
Automatic functioning H24

Waste cleaning solutions
Distilled water recycle
Sound absorbing barriers

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