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Membrane filtration for MVR distilled water purification



Precious metals alloys


New plant for the filtration of distilled water produced by an existing MVR thermocompression evaporator. To improve the quality of the distilled water, a filtration plant was designed and installed which includes 3 treatment phases: cooling and pH correction, filtration with reverse osmosis membrane and finishing with active carbon filters. Through this treatment chain, the volatile substances that polluted the distilled water have been eliminated, thus allowing it to reuse or discharged the outlet water into the sewer. For the study and design of the plant, a preliminary test campaign was carried out with pilot plants in order to validate the theoretical data with field tests.

Technical characteristics:
Hourly flow rate 300-500 l/h
Automatic adjustment of the inlet temperature and pH
Filtration with reverse osmosis membrane
Concentrate recirculation with 75% recovery
Finishing with activated carbon filters

Ammonia abatement
COD abatement
and organic compounds
Analog control instrumentation
Remote control via ethernet – Industry 4.0

Specifiche tecniche:

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