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MVR evaporator for pharmaceutical industry



Pharmaceutical industry


New installation of an MVR evaporator (mechanical vapour recompression) model EVTC700.  This new project was installed in a cosmetic and nutraceutical company located in Nothern Italy for the treatment of the cleaning water from its internal production processes. This project has started one year ago with pilot tests in order to validate the output of the evaporation technology.
The evaporator EVTC700 uses the mechanical vapour compression technology that allows to recover 90% of distilled water, reusable in the production processes, reducing the liquid disposals at just 10%. The MVR technology allows to perform the evaporation process with low energy consumption, the average electricty consumed is from 30-50 Wh per liter of treated water.  

Technical characteristics:
Hourly flow rate 600-700 l/h
Daily output capacity of 15.000 lt/day
Vacuum degree – 300mbar
Electrical functioning
Continous process
Automatic CIP – cleaning in place system

Lower energy requirement
Lower operating cost
No cooling water required
More than 90% of recovered water can be recycled
Smaller footprint
Remote control via ethernet – Industry 4.0

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