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Boron removal from electroplating effluents


New SAITA’s process application for the abatment of Boron from industrial effluents produced by electroplating industries. Since 2012 SAITA has studied and developed new processes for Boron removal from industrial effluents.
The problem of boron in wastewater or groundwater has become a hardly resolvable issue for companies, for disposal costs and discharge limits. Until now, boron removal processes have been including: filtration plants with ion exchange resins (selective removal) or reverse osmosis membranes. However, both these technologies produce waste which contains a high concentration of boron, which must be discarded or treated (e.g. with vacuum evaporation systems). SAITA developed a chemical-physical process that allows the boron to precipitate in an insoluble form, being separated from water in the form of inert mud and therefore allowable in landfill.

New project: Effluents from plastic metallization of automotive components.
Concentrated water from: Nickel plating, Trivalent chromium plating and regeneration eluates of selective boron resins. Batch treated volume 4 m3/day. (year 2019)

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