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Vacuum evaporator for textile process solution recovery




New project for a custom vacuum evaporator mod. CV15HW, for the treatment and recovery of a process solution from textile manufacturing production. The evaporator is used to recover a primary liquid used in the manufacturing process and this solution goes toward the Zero emission and Circular economy targets.
The evaporator has a capacity of 300 lt/d and it is fed with steam and cold water as energy sources for the evaporation process. In order to have a complete control of the evaporation process weight cells and density meter allows to set the exact concentration ratio requested by the process.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity of 300 lt/day
Low boiling temperature < 35°C
Vessel with external cheating jacket
Electrical mixer
Heating primary fluid: Steam
Condensation primary fluid: Cold water

Continuous or batch process
Density meter for the managment of the concentration ratio
Weight cells for the automatic loading of the inlet waste solution
Remote control via ethernet

Specifiche tecniche:

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