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Water treatment plant for food industry



Food industry


Installation of a chemical-physical treatment plant for the purification of potato washing water. Water treatment plant with a capacity of 25 m3/h, capable of operating automatically 24 hours a day. The purification process foresee an initial separation of sand and stones with a rotary sieve and a sand classifier, the filtered water is thentreated by clariflocculation for the separation of: mud, soil and other pollutants. The sludge produced is dehydrated using an automatic filter press while the clarified water after the sedimentation process is filtered with a quartz sand filter.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity of 25 m3/hour
Sludge dehydration with automatic filterpress
Rotary sieve
Sand classifier

Clariflocculation process
H24 operational functioning

Specifiche tecniche:

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